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Homestay in Japan!

As a member of a Japanese family during your stay, you will learn the language, culture, and lifestyle in Japan. Getting to Japan is as easy as buying air tickets; getting the chance to actually meet Japanese people is much more difficult.
So why not make your own home away from home in Japan?

Want to improve your spoken Japanese?
Want to travel Japan while homestaying?
Want to try a short weekend homestay?


1.Homestays in Japan
◆How do I homestay in Japan?
Homestay is a relatively recent custom in Japan, and there are only a small number of families available.
So, why we are at "Homestay in JAPAN!" able to provide you with homestay familes?

①Many families have someone planning to study abroad in the future and are willing to open their house for a homestay.
②Many other families have someone who has returned to Japan after studying abroad and are willing to take in homestay guests.

◆Why homestay in Japan? Here are a few good reasons!
・Use it or lose it! It's a great chance to improve your Japanese language skills.
・Get to know the real Japan! Staying in a Japanese home will give you a chance to learn about the culture and customs of this great country.
・Live the Japanese life! Life in Japan is better experienced in person.

◆What are some benefits of homestaying?
○You can use the Japanese you learn at school the same day with your host family. Practice makes perfect!
○There is so much to learn from the daily conversation with your host family that you won't learn in any textbook.
○Come across some word or phrase you don't understand? Just ask your host family!
○Listen carefully! You will have the valuable chance to hear Japanese conversation between family members.
Try using what you hear in your next conversation
○Everyday conversation is a great way to improve your vocabulary.
○It goes without saying that a homestay is an excellent chance to improve your listening skills!
○If you want, you can even ask your host family to teach you how to cook delicious Japanese food.
Take your recipes back with you to cook for your family and friends!
○Make friendships you will treasure for life. You can keep in touch with your host family even after you leave.

◆Getting the most of your homestay
・Short term study abroad programs
・Long term study abroad programs -- We recommend 2 to 3 months at the beginning.

After arriving in Japan: 1 to 3 month homestay
while you get settled in and learn the language.
After your homestay:
Move to a dormitory or aparttment.

・Weekend Homestays
Saturday PM:
Arrival at your homestay
Sunday: *Spend the day
with your host family
Monday AM: Goodbye to your
host family and back to school

・Vacation Homestays
Tokyo: 2 nights
Kyoto: 2 nights
Osaka: 2 nights

2.Our Homestay Families
◆Where can I homestay
○You can homestay just about anywhere in Japan.
We've been working hard! As of November 2016, we have 3,100 registered hoemstay families.
Please let us know where you would ike to stay and we will do our best to accomodate you.

◆What kind of host family will I stay with?
○Many families have host mother who is in her 30s or 40s.
○Many families have people with experience living or studying abroad (outside of Japan)
○Many families register as a host family because they want to help support students studying abroad in Japan.
○Many families want to host students from other countries because they enjoy spending time with people from other countries.
We carefully visit, interview, and select only the host families that meet our standards.

3.Our Homestay Support
◆Post-arrival Orientation
Relax! You'll be off to a good start after our comprehensive orientation covering "Daily life in Japan", "Japanese culture", and "Homestaying in Japan".

◆Engish speaking support staff
If you have a question about Japanese culture, need advice or support on your homestay, or just have any concerns at all, just let us know; we'll help you out..

◆Emergency support

◆Program Arrangement Fee: JPY 18,000+Tax
◆Homestay Fees

○2 meal plan (breakfast and dinner): JPY4,700+Tax per night
○1 meal plan (breakfast): JPY4,200+Tax per night

*If you are interested in a stay shorter than 7 days, please contact us for prices.

◆One-way pick-up service from the airport to your homestay: JPY 16,000+Tax
○From Narita Intl. Airport to your homestay location in the Tokyo Area
○From Haneda Airport to your homestay location in the Tokyo Area
○From Kansai. Airport to your homestay location in the Kansai Area
○From Chubu Airport to your homestay location in the Nagoya Area
*Members of our friendly staff will meet you at the airport. Please note you will use public transportation. We will ride with you to your homestay.

5.Steps to Apply for the Program
①Reserve air tickets to Japan
②Fill out the program application form
③Deposit the program fees
④Receive homestay family information
⑤Leave for Japan!

6.Cancellation Fee Information
Our Policy
Cancellation Fee
Cancellation 30 days before the start of the program
Cancellation 14 days before the start of the program
Cancellation 7 days before the start of the program
Cancellation 2 days before the start of the program
Cancellation on the first day of the program
*Please be aware that Program Arrangement Fees are non-refundable.
*Cancellation Fees are calculated as a percentage of the Homestay Fees.

★Any questions about details and prices? Please ask one of our staffs!

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